There are many drone companies out there. The big problem is that most do not understand how to move the camera cinematically and wind up wasting valuable time on set trying but never achieving the shot. 

Our main focus has always been film making. Combining a team of professional drone operators with skilled aerial directors of photography/operators puts us in the position of getting the great shots you and your team are looking for. 

When hiring a drone company, make sure you hire a company that has experience in the film industry, not just flying drones for a few years. Combined - We have worked on over 400 commercials 80 music videos, 5 feature films, and 15 TV shows.  

Trusted by Oscar winning directors, and ASC Directors of Photography. 


Our Team:

Justin Marx -    22 Years in film production - Local 600 Union member - Aerial DP/Gimbal Operator/Pilot

Justin's RESUME

Jeffery Scholl - 20 Years flying remote operated craft - Chief Pilot

Tony Capote -   20 Years in film production - Chief Aerial Tech - Visual Observer

Alex Gold -         8 years in film productionAerial Tech - Visual Observer

We all operate on a team level with the mutual goal of: GETTING THE SHOT (safely)